Establishment and Organization of Northern Region Branch

In accordance with the simplification of Taiwan Provincial Government, and the aim of organization reshuffle, Former Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli Management Administrations under Agriculture and Food Bureau in Taiwan Provincial Government (including Keelung Branch under Taipei Management Administration) were merged into Northern Region Agriculture and Food Administration, which is subordinate to Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. Northern Region Agriculture and Food Administration was inaugurated and started functioning on July 1, 1999. It is a huge area to cover from Keelung, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Kinmen and Lian-Jiang, altogether 9 counties and cities. Since January 27, 2004, as per Letter No. 09300002950 of Yuan-Tai-Nong document series, Northern Region Agriculture and Food Administration was reorganized into Northern Region Branch, which is now subordinate to Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and was inaugurated and started functioning on February 23, 2004. After the reorganization, the Branch has Director, Vice Director, Secretary, Sections of Crop Production, Storage and Transportation of Grains, Grain Industry, Storage and Transportation of Reproductions, Agriculture Information and Materials, Secretariat, Offices of Secretariat, Accounting, Personnel, and Ethics. There are three dispatching Offices in Taipei, Hsinchu, and Miaoli due to practical necessity. Furthermore, there is another Taoyuan Government Granary that was set up to cope with the need in storage, transportation and sale owing to the impact after joining WTO.

Functions of Northern Region Branch

Under the jurisdiction and instruction of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, the Branch is in charge of all grain administrative affairs in the area of Northern Taiwan (from Keelung to Miaoli), and provides perfect services for all farmers and rice-consuming customers as well as various institutions, schools, and farmers associations. These services are as follows:

  1. Execution, coordination and monitoring of stabilization measures for the production and sale of agricultural crops
  2. Information gathering, economy analysis, and prediction on agriculture and crops industry
  3. Execution, coordination and monitoring of aid for natural disasters upon agriculture and crops industry
  4. Execution, coordination and monitoring of the improvement for wholesale marketing of agricultural and grain produce as well as of the modernization and direct sale for retail marketing
  5. Execution and monitoring of pesticides, fertilizers, seedlings, transportation, and sale for fertilizers
  6. Matters about procurement, storage, transportation, husking, and distribution of grains
  7. Execution and monitoring of grain merchants and grain accommodation management
  8. Execution and monitoring of inspection of rice quality stratification
  9. Matters about surveillance of grain price and promotion of rice productions
  10. Suggestion and execution in assisting grain merchants to apply for change of land purpose certificates so to set up husking facility and related equipment.